15 June 2014

07 March 2009


I made this cookies yesterday and everybody love it so much....lt ıs very good chosen with one cup of tea or coffe,you can make dought ,wrapped welll plastic and parchement for up to 3weeks .When you need cookies only stand dough at room tempareture for 40 minutes before slicing


all-purpose flour 2 1/2cup
butter 220gr
granulated sugar 3/4cup
toasted pecan 1/2cup
egg 1
pure vanilla extract 1 teaspoon
sanding sugar 1/2cup for rolling

-beat the butter and granulated sugar about 3minutes,add egg and vanilla beat to combine
-add flour , pecans and mix until combined
-divide iin half and roll each piece into a log abot 1 1/2inches (3,5cm) diamter,wrap in parchment and refrigerate at least 2hour or overnight-preahet oven 350F - 180
-Grease baking sheet and let dough stand at romm temprature 20 minutes
-roll dough logs in sanding sugar and slice 1/4inch(5mm) thick rounds,place on prepared baking sheet
-bake about 15-20minutes

30 January 2009


Today l want to make cake and choose this one from my recipes collection,It makes so easy and my friends love this cake so much .We eaten cake with cup of tea while watching rain from window.Sometimes you can fell boring or sad about someting .When you fell like that share with your friend while eating some sweet food...Have a nice weekend...

cake flour 1 1/2cup
baking powder 1 teaspoon
sugar 1 cup
eggs 4
vanilla 1 teaspoon
lemon juice 2 teaspoon
lemon zest 2tablespoon
butter 2 stick

-preaheat oven 350 F 180 c
-grease and flour or line baking paper 8 1/2 4 1/2 loaf pan and whisk flour and baking powder
-process the eggs ,sugar,vanillla.lemon zest&juice together in food producer until combine ,with machine running add melted butter in and whisk until combine.Pour mixture in a large bowl
-sift one third of the flour mixture over the egg mixture and whisk to combine,repeaat twice more with the remaining flour mixture then continue tı whisk the battergently until most lumps are gone(dont over mix)
-scrape batter into pan and smooth the top,bake the cake 45-60 minutes
-turn the cake right side up and cool about 2 hourse before serving...

23 January 2009


I like scone very much,every sunday l make it and share with my family and friends.Do you like it too? Scones makes easy and taste very delicious you can serve with butter and jam or whipped cream you can serve simple too .This recipes from everyday food magazine.

makes 8
all purpose flour 2cups(260gr)
sugar 6 table spoon
baking powder 1 teaspoon
butter 6 tablespoon,chilled and cut mall pieces
half and half 2/3cup ( 160ml)
currant 1/2cup(60gr)
-preaheat oven 475 F,220 C ,whisk together flour ,5 tablespoon sugar,baking powder and cut in butter with your pastry blener until mixture lookslike coarse crumbs
-stir hal and half just until moistened,gentl fold in currants
-on lightly flour surfece nead dough lightly 5-10 times
-pat into a 1 inch(2,5cm)thick round and cut 8 wedges,place on baking sheet and brush with half and half,springle with remaining sugar,bake until golden brown 12-15 minutes...Scones are best eaten the day they are made.

03 January 2009


walnut 1cup(140gr)toasted
all purpose flour 1 1/2 cup(192 gr)
butter 1 1/2 stick (170gr)
confectioners sugar 1 1/2 cup(195gr)
makes 30

-preahear oven 350F 180 C,ın a food processor combine 1/2 cup flour and walnut ,pulse until walnuts are finely ground
-whisk flour-walnut mixture and floure set aside
-beat butter and 1/2 cup sugar about 2 minutes,add flour mixture and beat ntil combine
-roll 1 tablespoon dough into 3inch(8cm) log and use your finger shape log into a crescent repeat with remaining dough
-placing crescent obaking sheet and freeze about 40 minutes
-bake about 20 minutes, transfer cookies to rack and cool and dust with remaining sugar.

01 January 2009


This delicious cake allways moist and crunchy,l make it ever sunday and all my family like it so much.Makes simple but taste beautiful and now recipe...

traybake 12-9 in(23-30cm)
butter 220gr
self raising flour 280gr
caster sugar 220gr
baking podwer 2 teaspoon
eggs 4
milk 5yk
lemon zest 2
crunchy topping
lemon juice 2
caster sugar 120gr
.preaheat oven 160 C , 325 F
-beat all ingredients about 2 minutes
-turn the mixture into pan ,level top gently with spatula,bake about 40 minutes
-allow to cool
-to make crunchy topping mix granulated sugar and lemon juice,spoon this mixture oner the cake while still warm
-cut 30 suquared when cold

25 December 2008


This beatiful cake for christmas and your holiday ,l hope you will like it ....

sultanas 500gr
raisin 300gr(halved)
dried dates 300gr(chopped)
dried currants 150gr
mixed peel 150gr
glace cherries 150gr(halved)
glace pineapple 55gr(chopped)
rum 125ml
butter 250gr softened
brown sugar 225gr
eggs 5
plain flour 225gr
self raising flour 50gr
mixed spice 1 teaspoon
rum 2tablespoon

8in(20cm)squared cake pan
cooking time 3,5 hour
-combine fruit and rum cover and store overnight
-preaheat oven 140C 275 F
-grease pan and line the base and sides with double baking paper
-beat butter and sugar until combined,beat eggs once at time
-add butter mixture to fruit mixture mix well
-mix in sifted dry ingeredients,spread mixture evenly in to pan
-bake and brush hot cake with extra rum ,cover hot cak and cool overnight

24 December 2008


Lizer torte name come from city of Austria which name is Linz.This Australian torte have lattice design on top of pastry and jam filling.l think this delicious torte can be very good choose for holiday time,l hope you will like it...

hazelnut 1/2 cup(140gr)
blanced almond 1cup(140gr)
all purpose flour 1 1/2 cup (192gr)
baking powder 3/4 teaspoon
ground cinnamon 3/4 teaspoon
salt 1/4 teaspoon
butter 1 1/ 2stick (155gr)
granulated sugar 1cup (200 gr)
egg yolk 1
raspberry jam
confection sugar for dusting
9 inch(23cm) bottomless tart ing
-preaheat oven 350 F 180 C ,spread hazelnut in a baking pan and tost in oven and clean skins
-ın food processor pulse hazelnut and almond until finaly ground and set aside
-beat butter,sugar until lightly fluffy add egg and bear until just combined
-divide dought in half,use your finger press one dough half in the tart ring and chill 30 minutes
-meanwhile roll out other dough half and placed baking sheet and chill about 30 minutes
-spread the jam evenly over chilled dough in ring ,set aside
-using a fluted pastry wheel,cut strips from chilled dough,arrange strips on top of the jam in a lattice pattern,frize about 30 minutes
-meanwhile preaheat oven 350 F 180 C ,bake torte is golden brown all over about 40 minutes

19 December 2008


apples 500gr ,peeled and sliced
demerare sugar 2 tablespoon
caster sugar 1 tablespoon
for sweet pastry:
flour 250 gr
butter 125gr
icing sugar 25gr
egg 1
for glaze:
1 egg yolk+1 tablespoon milk
-hear oven 190 C
-mix flour,icing sugar and butter until thety forms come fine crumbs
- stir egg and knead briefly on very lightly floured surface then chill in the fridge for 30 minutes
-roll pastry and cut into 1/2in(1cm) strips
-toss apples with caster sugar an 1/ 2 teaspoon allspice
-divide apple mixture among 4 individual pie dishes
-use the pastry strips to make lattice on each pie and glaze with egg mixture,sprinkle demerare sugar and bake 30 minutes


Scones names came from stone of Scotland,ıt is gift from UK's to tea table .The secret of good scones:
*not to handle them too much before baking
*use cold butter and liquid
*use sharp metal cutter for best result
*your aiming make soft &sticky dough

self raising flour 450gr
baking powder 2 teaspoon
butter 65 gr
caster sugar 50 gr
eggs 2
milk 225ml

coking time 15 minutes
makes 20
-grease baking trays and pre-heat oven 220 C 425 F
-mix flour and baking powder add butter and rub with your fingertips until mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs,stir in the sugar
-beat eggs and add in milk , spread 2 teaspoon from milk mixture for glazing
-add milk mixture in flour mixture stir until you have soft dough-tutn dough on to lightly floured surface ,flatten with your hand to a thickness of 1 in(2cm)
-use with 2in(5cm) cutter and cut scones from the dough
-arranges the scones on trays and brush with glaze and bake
-you can serve scones with jam and butter or thick cream


This recipe so simple and taste is fantastic.The best brownies are soft in the centre and have acrust on top,and now recipe...

butter 250 gr
caster sugar 340gr
eggs 4
cocoa powder 65gr
self raising flour 100gr
plain chocolate chips 100gr

traybake tin 12 -9 in(30-23cm)
cooking time 35 minutes
-grease tin and thhen line with paper,preaheat oven 180 C-350 F
-mix all ingredients and mix with electric mixer until evenly blended
-spoon the mixture into the pan,spread the mixture gently to corners of the pan and level the top with spatula
-bake for 35minutes until brownies have crusty top
-allow the brownie to cool in the pan and cut 24 squares

13 December 2008


This jewish holliday cookie for celebrate hanukkah ,ıt ıs flaky and fruit&nut filling make extraordinarily delicious confection ıt ıs perpect for serving durind holiday...
makes 32

butter 225gr
cream cheese 225gr
caster sugar 2table spoon
plain flour 225gr
1 egg white+1tablespoon water for glazing
for filling
chopped walnut 115gr
light brown sugar 115gr
currant 100gr
ground cinnamon 1teaspoon
-preheat 375F 190 C
-beat butter,creamcheese and sugar untilsoft
-sift over the flour and mix until combined
-make a ball and divide in half and refrigerate for least 30minutes
-mix walnut,sugar and cinnamon set aside
-working with one half of the mixture at time roll out thinly into a circle about 11in 28cm in diameter
-sprinkle with half the mixture
-cut the circle into quartters and each one into 4 sections,to form 16triangles
-roll up to form like spirals
-place on to the sheet and brush with galaze ,sprinkle with caster sugar and bake until golden
recipe from martha day :baking


butter 1 1/4 stick
all purpose flour 2,5 cup
baking soda 1 teaspoon
baking power 1teaspoon
salt 1/2 salt
granulated sugar 1cup
eggs 3
vanilla extract 1teaspoon
sour cream 1 1/4cup
crumb topping:
all purpose flour 3cups
packed light brown sugar 1cup
ground cinnamon 1teaspoon
butter 3 1/2 stick
-whisk to combine flour,sugar,cinnamon add butter and mix with your fingertips until large moist clumps form
-preheat oven to 350 F, 180 C and butter 13 by 9 inch baking pan
-whisk togethar flou,baking soda,baking powder and salt
-beat butter and sugar until fluffly and light,add eggs one at time beating well after each additional,mix in the vanilla
-add flour mixture and sour cream and mix until combined
-spoon the butter into pan and smooth with spatula,sprinkle crumb topping and bake

recipe from martha stewart baking handboook

11 December 2008


This cake was usually served with Madeira in victorian england and names came from there. In my home we call cake dad's cake because he like very very much and l hope you will like too...
cooking time 1 hour
serves 10
butter ,softened 190 gr
grated lemon rind 3teaspoon
caster sugar 160gr
eggs 3
self-raising flour 115gr
plain flour 110gr

-preaheat oven 325F , 160 c,grease deep round 8inch (20cm)cake pan
-beat butter,sugar and rind in bowl until light and fluffy
-beat in eggs once at a time,stir in sifted flours spread mixture in to pan

10 December 2008


I likes this cookies very much ,makes simple and taste beatiful, l think you iwill like it this cookie not scones but taste at related.Be careful do not over cook them,when they looks brown gentle push cookies and if it slides on the tray they are done

cooking time 15 minutes
makes 18

self raising-flour 300gr
ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon
caster sugar 75gr
butter 90gr chopped
sultanas 160gr
egg 1
milk 125ml
extra sugar 1 table spoon
-preaheat oven 200 c
-sift flour ,cinnamon,sugar into the bowl, fob in butter with your fingertips
-stir in sultanas ,milk,egg,do not overmix
-drop rounded tablespoons of mixture about 5cm apart onto tray and sprinkle with extra sugar
-bake cakes and cool on trays

(recipes from womens weekly)