01 January 2009


This delicious cake allways moist and crunchy,l make it ever sunday and all my family like it so much.Makes simple but taste beautiful and now recipe...

traybake 12-9 in(23-30cm)
butter 220gr
self raising flour 280gr
caster sugar 220gr
baking podwer 2 teaspoon
eggs 4
milk 5yk
lemon zest 2
crunchy topping
lemon juice 2
caster sugar 120gr
.preaheat oven 160 C , 325 F
-beat all ingredients about 2 minutes
-turn the mixture into pan ,level top gently with spatula,bake about 40 minutes
-allow to cool
-to make crunchy topping mix granulated sugar and lemon juice,spoon this mixture oner the cake while still warm
-cut 30 suquared when cold


rhonalala said...

Looks like a simple but delicious and elegant cake. It is nice you have such a wonderful Sunday tradition in your family.

Missy said...

i would like to give this a shot :) i like lemon cakes