24 December 2008


Lizer torte name come from city of Austria which name is Linz.This Australian torte have lattice design on top of pastry and jam filling.l think this delicious torte can be very good choose for holiday time,l hope you will like it...

hazelnut 1/2 cup(140gr)
blanced almond 1cup(140gr)
all purpose flour 1 1/2 cup (192gr)
baking powder 3/4 teaspoon
ground cinnamon 3/4 teaspoon
salt 1/4 teaspoon
butter 1 1/ 2stick (155gr)
granulated sugar 1cup (200 gr)
egg yolk 1
raspberry jam
confection sugar for dusting
9 inch(23cm) bottomless tart ing
-preaheat oven 350 F 180 C ,spread hazelnut in a baking pan and tost in oven and clean skins
-ın food processor pulse hazelnut and almond until finaly ground and set aside
-beat butter,sugar until lightly fluffy add egg and bear until just combined
-divide dought in half,use your finger press one dough half in the tart ring and chill 30 minutes
-meanwhile roll out other dough half and placed baking sheet and chill about 30 minutes
-spread the jam evenly over chilled dough in ring ,set aside
-using a fluted pastry wheel,cut strips from chilled dough,arrange strips on top of the jam in a lattice pattern,frize about 30 minutes
-meanwhile preaheat oven 350 F 180 C ,bake torte is golden brown all over about 40 minutes


Elra said...

This is one of my favorite tart, yours look gorgeous and mouth watering,

Anonymous said...

Mmmh, lecker. Ich liebe Linzer Torte!