23 January 2009


I like scone very much,every sunday l make it and share with my family and friends.Do you like it too? Scones makes easy and taste very delicious you can serve with butter and jam or whipped cream you can serve simple too .This recipes from everyday food magazine.

makes 8
all purpose flour 2cups(260gr)
sugar 6 table spoon
baking powder 1 teaspoon
butter 6 tablespoon,chilled and cut mall pieces
half and half 2/3cup ( 160ml)
currant 1/2cup(60gr)
-preaheat oven 475 F,220 C ,whisk together flour ,5 tablespoon sugar,baking powder and cut in butter with your pastry blener until mixture lookslike coarse crumbs
-stir hal and half just until moistened,gentl fold in currants
-on lightly flour surfece nead dough lightly 5-10 times
-pat into a 1 inch(2,5cm)thick round and cut 8 wedges,place on baking sheet and brush with half and half,springle with remaining sugar,bake until golden brown 12-15 minutes...Scones are best eaten the day they are made.


Paul The Baker said...

Didem- Your scones look wonderful! I make scones every Sunday morning for my family too. My kids ask me to replace the currants with chocolate chips. We like them hot out of the oven.

Navita said...

oh u have a fabulous blog...nevermind the english..as long as u can communicate its fine...n u sure do that with all those lovely recipes.

thanks for stopping by my blog dear :)

Yasmeen said...

thanks for visiting my blog.You know what,even we had scones for breakfast today,I made the savory scones with garlic,ricotta cheese and herbs.Hope to stay in touch:)

Cynthia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and helping me to discover yours.

Scones are among my favourite things and yours make me crave one right now with a cup of tea :)

Elra said...

Hi Didem,
Thank you so much for visiting my blog, it certainly make my day. You have no idea how much I love Turkish food. I love it so much that I have to make Turkish meal at least once a week.
Your scones look absolutely delicious.
I'll be visiting you more often.

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Anonymous said...

quite interesting article. I would love to follow you on twitter.

lovetheday said...

Wow, these look incredible! I just love your blog. I'm forwarding it on to my sister who is in culinary school! Thanks for all your recipes.

Bob@ blooming tea said...

Hmmm... looks really delicious! The recipe is simple and I can sure make one and try this at weekend. Thanks :)