07 March 2009


I made this cookies yesterday and everybody love it so much....lt ıs very good chosen with one cup of tea or coffe,you can make dought ,wrapped welll plastic and parchement for up to 3weeks .When you need cookies only stand dough at room tempareture for 40 minutes before slicing


all-purpose flour 2 1/2cup
butter 220gr
granulated sugar 3/4cup
toasted pecan 1/2cup
egg 1
pure vanilla extract 1 teaspoon
sanding sugar 1/2cup for rolling

-beat the butter and granulated sugar about 3minutes,add egg and vanilla beat to combine
-add flour , pecans and mix until combined
-divide iin half and roll each piece into a log abot 1 1/2inches (3,5cm) diamter,wrap in parchment and refrigerate at least 2hour or overnight-preahet oven 350F - 180
-Grease baking sheet and let dough stand at romm temprature 20 minutes
-roll dough logs in sanding sugar and slice 1/4inch(5mm) thick rounds,place on prepared baking sheet
-bake about 15-20minutes


Elra said...

I feel like christmas again.... I really like icebox cookies for its versatility.

Cynthia said...


Donna said...

These look absolutely delicious..

Anonymous said...
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Jimmy Simpson said...

butter cookies are good taste,when you take that in evening time.
Jimmy Simpson
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